Some personal comments from my clients...

I have been fortunate to receive some encouraging and empowering feedback from a number of my clients over the years. As such, I have included some of these as a guide to anyone who may be considering one of my treatments.

'Jo is very gifted and has a special aura. I first went to her for a painful ankle which I had had for months. This disappeared after a few sessions. I have been seeing her every week now to get through difficult situations in my personal life.

In a very short period of time I feel like a different person. I am so much stronger in myself, much more grounded, and now notice so many different aspects of the natural world that I never saw before. Jo has a very special gift in helping others and I would strongly recommend her as a therapist.’

K. D. | Seaton, Devon

'I knew that there was something quite extraordinary about Jo from my first visit. Her peaceful, calm and caring aura was evident as soon as I walked into her house.

After a few basic questions about my medical history and the main reason for my visit I lay on her comfy couch. She held my heels and after a short while, she seemed to have discovered ’Me', to map my entire body, knowing just what I needed.

Two years on, I visit Jo monthly to keep in touch with my inner calm, health and wellbeing. I am able to leave behind the seemingly continuous ‘monkey chatter’ of a hectic lifestyle and remember that I don’t have to please everyone I meet. I so enjoy finding Me. Thank you, Jo.'

K. U. | Lyme Regis, Dorset | Oct. 2018

'Jo is my ‘go to’ craniosacral therapist. She keeps my body, mind and soul in good order.

We all need the right amount of stress to function well, but too much is counterproductive, leading to imbalance and poor health. A visit to Jo with her sensitive and intuitive approach certainly restores good balance.'

A. W. | Lyme Regis, Dorset | Oct. 2018"

'During the last year Metamorphic Technique with Jo has been a very gentle but powerful remedy for stressful events in my life.'

W. A. | Lyme Regis, Dorset | Oct. 2018"

'For me, Metamorphic Technique has been able to tease out some very repressed emotions in a gentle but powerful way.

Possibly, because of the non-verbal nature of the process, I invariably feel better for it without having the words to say why.'

A. E. | Bridport, Dorset | Oct. 2018"

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