Metamorphic Technique

More of a life enhancing experience rather than a treatment. The Metamorphic Technique enables you to move on from a state of limitation towards the infinite potential. In short, it helps us to help ourselves. There is no need to take a case history, and you are free to talk or be quiet, whatever feels appropriate. This process is a unique approach to resolving old unwanted destructive behaviour patterns.

In reflexology, the inner border of the foot, the line of the thumb and the central line from the middle to the back of the head are accepted as points that reflect the spine. In this process they also exist as a timeline. A typical session involves gentle massage on these points. This can be carried out in a chair or sofa, the bed, or even on the beach!

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly."

Henri Bergson

It is now well known that as a baby in the womb we are able to absorb both emotional and physical attributes from our parents, as well as the nutrients that the mother provides. How we develop in the womb and how we are born also can affect us deeply throughout our life. Long-term unwanted thought patterns may well have originated from foetal development.

People are often drawn to this technique in times of change and an inability to move forwards. After one or more sessions, many find that they are able to deal with uncomfortable personal situations more effectively, without emotional cost and with greater detachment. It hugely self-empowering, and has been likened to the transformation of our normal everyday existence from chrysalis to butterfly.

It is particularly suitable for children, the elderly and for end of life care and helps you see life from a totally different perspective, without having to utter a word!

I have been a Metamorphic practitioner for 30 years.