An introduction ...

Thank you for visiting my website.

I qualified as a physiotherapist from St Thomas’ Hospital, London in the late '70s. I began my career working with the late Dr James Cyriax. Here I learnt first rate diagnostic skills that have served me for my whole career. My interest in holistic medicine has always been part of my career and has now superseded the clinical aspect. It is a fascinating journey.

In the early days of my career I trained as a reflexologist where I was introduced to the concept that our feet, hands, head and ears exist as microcosms of the human body, and mirror different areas as well as exhibiting different emotions. I also learnt so much more about the power of touch, something that I had not covered during my training.

Over the years, I have studied Reiki, Yoga, Shamanic Medicine and Craniosacral Therapy. I have studied many different forms of meditation, yoga and personal development and have been a Metamorphic Practitioner for 30 years.

My aim is to help people develop a relationship with their body by empowering them to understand how physical conditions are so closely interrelated to life’s experience. By truly integrating these facts deep healing can occur with the minimum of effort!

Therapies ...